I’m an NCT Hike 100 Finisher!

When I started off 2019, one of the things that wanted most for the new year was to spend less time trying to hit arbitrary self-made personal "goals" and more time going on adventures and creating happy memories. To help hold myself accountable, I decided to take on the 52…

Halloween in the Hocking Hills

To celebrate our second anniversary, Luke and I decided to seek out a secluded cabin in the Hocking Hills so we could spend the week of Halloween hiking, exploring, relaxing, and watching scary movies. We decided to bring Patronus and Naga along too, of course! While Patronus is pretty much…

A Summer Backpacking Adventure

Patronus and I pulled in to the parking lot for the trailhead just after 3:00 P.M. After taking some time to get our packs situated, we made our way to the edge of the lake where the trail begins.  We had a 7 mile hike ahead of us before we…



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