Cable Crochet Beanie Pattern


Finding cute orange hats to wear outdoors in the late fall can be a bit of a challenge because...well...most of them are pretty manly.  After spending many hours poring over the internet in search of finding one, I decided to simply DIY my own hat, and I've included my free cable crochet beanie pattern for download below.

I love the look of the cable knit pattern, but unfortunately, when worn as a sweater, it looks super awkward on me.  Also, I suck at knitting, so there's that.

After doing a bit of research, I discovered that it's totally possible to create a cable twist pattern in CROCHET!

DIY cable crochet beanie free pattern bright neon blaze orange

I didn't love most of the cable crochet hat patterns that I was able to find for free online, and the ones that I did like on the model were worked from the bottom up with the pattern tapering off.  I'm not a huge fan of that method for hat-making because sometimes it gives my head a weird "Grandpa Simpson Chic" shape.

I decided to come up with my own pattern, working in rounds from the top down, with ribbing on the bottom so it can be folded up as needed.  Not only does this allow for different amounts of coverage, it allows for a bit of extra warmth around the ears since the fabric is doubled up.  Win-win!

This hat was a "one day project", meaning it only took me a couple of hours to make from start to finish.

I randomly found this bright, neon orange, worsted weight yarn on clearance at Meijer and decided it would be perfect to make a warm (but not too hot) beanie to wear in order to stay warm and visible while hiking for fall and winter.

While it's generally pretty easy to find orange yarn, it was important to me to find one that was almost annoyingly bright, because the whole point was to create a cute beanie that would also make me VISIBLE.

Of course, you can definitely change up the color scheme if you'd like.  (If you're hiking in an area open to hunting during this time of year, though, be sure to wear a bright orange hat and/or clothing.)

To download a printable PDF version of the FREE crochet pattern, click on the button below.

Happy crafting!


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