How to Be a Runner

These days it seems as if my social media feeds are often saturated with photos from random 5k races, especially during the spring months.   Each year it seems as if more and more of my friends and acquaintances have caught the running bug and decided to take the plunge.  For many, these victorious race reports also seem to serve as the perfect opportunity for each person to share that defining moment at which he or she had in fact become “a runner”.  To be honest though, what I’ve realized over time is that becoming a runner isn’t a matter of flipping a switch or crossing a threshold, becoming a runner is a journey.  Here’s what I mean.  Continue reading “How to Be a Runner”

The Best Running Advice I’ve Ever Heard

This is not article about how to run fast.  It’s not about defining success by HH:MM:SS or places or ribbons or medals or beating anyone.  It’s about loving what you’re doing, and about doing all you can so you can keep on doing it as much as possible.  What I would like to share today is the most helpful pieces of advice that other people who love running have given me over the years. Continue reading “The Best Running Advice I’ve Ever Heard”

Spring Marathon/Allergy Season is Here!

With the Boston Marathon right around the corner, spring marathons are on the brain for so many runners.  For any runners out there who struggle with allergies and asthma during the spring months, spring training can be a gamble.  Few things are more frustrating than spending 12+ weeks training consistently for a marathon or half marathon, perfecting your fueling strategy, and selecting the perfect outfit only to bonk in the race anyway just because the air quality was bad that day.

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Asthma buddies, I salute you.