5 Ways to Save Money

“This treat is the perfect size for me!”

I hate spending money on boring adult things that I don’t care much about.  Like seriously, I hate it.  When it comes to shopping, my motto is basically “splurge on the things you care about and waste as little money as possible on everything else”.  I’m definitely not one of those people you see on Extreme Cheapskates who reuses greeting cards and cuts their old clothes into strips for toilet paper, but I would definitely much rather spend my money on craft supplies, running gear, and musical instruments than on things I’m not actually buying to enjoy.  That’s why I’ve compiled a list of five of my favorite ways to not waste money on things, complete with the pros and cons of each one. Continue reading “5 Ways to Save Money”

Dill Pickle Soup

Time:  45 Minutes

Servings:  4 Bowls

Nutrition:  4.9g Protein, 27g Carbs, 4.6g Fat, 167 Calories

I love soup, and today I’m going to share my personal recipe for dill pickle soup, which is one of my favorites!

If you’ve never tried dill pickle soup before, you’re probably wondering why in the world someone would ever want to eat pickles in their soup.  It sounds disgusting, right?  I had the same thought the first time my parents made me try it while we were in a Polish restaurant, but I haven’t looked back since.  Continue reading “Dill Pickle Soup”

Dessert Nachos

img_4024Ahhhhh, September.  The last kiss of summer, the first taste of fall.  The month of bonfires and apple picking, of Oktoberfest beers, and if you’re anything like me, hoarding copious amounts of new pens and notebooks and fun office supplies even though you’ve been finished with school for almost a decade.

I’m not going to lie, apples aren’t really my favorite.  I’m kind of more of a pineapple girl.  But for whatever reason, there’s nothing like biting into a juicy, sweet honeycrisp apple in the late summer/early fall.

For any of you who might be planning a fall party (or just PMSing), today I have a delicious treat that screams September: dessert nachos.  Ohhh yeah.  And they’re healthy because they have fruit in them, right?

Continue reading “Dessert Nachos”

Halloween Dirt Cake

I’ve posted before about how much I like making dirt cake for parties, and Halloween is most definitely no exception.

IMG_3152 2

This year for Halloween, my DBF and I hosted a Halloween party at my house.  Since we’re both big fans of Halloween, I really wanted to serve something at our party that was quick and relatively inexpensive to make, but also carried out the theme of the event.

This particular dessert took less than 10 minutes to make and was a big hit with all of our guests.  Continue reading “Halloween Dirt Cake”