The Joy of Dirt Cake


Ahhh, Dirt Cake.  It’s a great thing to make for parties because it’s relatively easy to put together and doesn’t require any baking.  People usually want to eat it, and it’s also pretty uncomplicated to decorate.

For my housewarming party this past summer, I served up this dirt cake, which was decorated to look like a little garden, complete with rows of candy vegetables and gummy worms beneath the “dirt”.  (In case you’re wondering, I got the marzipan on Etsy, here.)

Of course, you’re not limited to just mini gardens. Continue reading “The Joy of Dirt Cake”

Poltergeist Soup

Kristy's Poltergeist Soup

Remember that classic scene in the movie, Poltergeist, where it’s pouring rain outside, and one of the characters falls into a muddy swimming pool full of skeletons?  Well this year on Halloween, I decided to make a soup that looked like it.

For the “swimming pool”, I just made a simple French Onion Soup.

***Disclaimer:  I’m not a real chef.  This was just for some Halloween fun.  If you’re looking for some “authentic recipes”, go look them up. *** Continue reading “Poltergeist Soup”