Vintage Bar Cart Makeover

IMG_3695I am really excited to share my latest DIY project with you guys!

The basement of my house is petty much set up for entertaining.  There’s a bar area, a table and chairs for dining, a bathroom, and a sitting area with comfy seating and a TV.  Each time I hosted a party, however, I kept running in to the same problem: although there were plenty of places to sit down there, there was really nowhere for people to be able to be able to pour their drinks without getting in someone else’s way.  I used to  have a beat up old card table (which was disguised with a table cloth until my cats shredded it up) where I would set out things like 2 liters, cups, lemons, cherries, a bottle opener, etc.  It was functional, but it wasn’t pretty.

Then, I was driving home one day when I happened to pass a yard sale.  I found a couple of treasures that day, but the most exciting thing was this vintage bar cart, which I managed to score for just a couple bucks. Continue reading “Vintage Bar Cart Makeover”

Antique Shadowbox Collage

If you’re strapped for cash (or just want to be a little smarter about how you spend your money) but your creative juices are flowing, take a cue from these craft projects of the past!


Last week while at an antique store on the opposite side of town, my friend and I spotted a collection of shadow box collages.

The oldest of these (bottom right) dates back to the 1920s; the newest (top right), to the late 1930s.

Shadow box art can be a pretty common find inside thrift stores and antique malls, but to me, two things really set this collection apart from others that I’ve seen in those types of places: Continue reading “Antique Shadowbox Collage”