Meet Naga

This month, Luke and I welcomed an adorable “little” floof into our home.  Meet Naga! Naga is a 4.5 month old Great Pyrenees who came to us through the same rescue organization Patronus did! So far, she’s been adjusting well to life in our home and absolutely adores the fact

Spring Training with Patronus

Exploring a greenway trail. Last weekend, while Luke was busy doing some boring adult stuff, Patronus and I had the chance to explore a paved trail with my brother.  Brandon and I have both been there countless times to walk, bike, and run, but this was Patronus’ first time. 

Meet Patronus!

Just before Christmas we welcomed a new member into our household.  Meet Patronus! We adopted Patronus from a local rescue who specializes completely in the Great Pyrenees breed.  At eight months old he’s still a puppy, but he’s already HUGE!

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