DIY Boho Accessory Organizer


This DIY project can be done for under $20 and just a couple hours of actual “work”.  (Psssssh, like crafting is work.)

Like many people, I have a bunch of random accessories that I always forget about.  I don’t generally attempt to “update” my accessory collection with each season, however being someone who enjoys thrifting and hunting for vintage treasures, I do tend to slowly accumulate stuff over time. The problem with storing accessories in jewelry boxes and storage bins is that since they’re not in plain sight, I often forget that I have them (or I just  lose them altogether).

Our bedroom is actually the most boring room of our house, and the only room that I left painted white after I first moved in.  Completely neutral color palettes aren’t really my thing, but I also could never decide on a new color to paint the bedroom, so I just decided to leave the room white and add some color by incorporating it into the decor.

As I was lollygagging around on the internet one day, probably trying to put together a Pinterest board of inspiration ideas (clearly that’s how I roll), I came across some incredibly cute boho-style wall hooks.  Unfortunately, they were also really pricey, and not exactly what I wanted so I just couldn’t justify buying them.  Then, one day while I was hanging out at the hardware store with our friend Matt (don’t judge, we both love DIY projects), I got the idea that I could probably just make some wall hooks myself.  It was super easy and I would highly recommend doing it!

I used a random piece of crown moulding that I bought from the hardware store, painted it a fun color (I actually used leftover paint from my bar cart DIY), added hooks, and hung it up.  Okay, to be fair, Luke had to hang it for me.  I am notoriously bad at hanging things up and having them not be crooked, so I didn’t even want to try.

Let’s get started.

What You’ll Need:

  • Decorative wooden moulding, cut to desired length
  • Drill
  • Cup hooks in your desired size (I used 5/8 inch)
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape (Optional)
  • Wall Anchors
  • Screws
  • Saw (Optional)
  • Masking tape (Optional)
  • Emery board
  • Interior paint, spray paint, or wood stain


  1. Cut the decorative moulding to your desired length.  (If you don’t own a saw, or don’t want to do this yourself, most hardwear stores can take care of this step for you.  Just ask someone working in the lumber area.)
  2. To keep the entire row of hooks level, you can use a piece of masking tape as a guide, or use the pattern carved into your moulding as a guide.  Decide how far apart you would like your hooks to be spaced, and begin marking off where you would like to place them.  If you like to be precise you can measure out the exact spaces between each hook.If you don’t want to put in that much effort, just mark your trim in the same spot on both ends of the trim (about an inch), then measure to find the mid point and mark that.  Then, eyeball the midpoint between each endpoint and the actual midpoint and mark that.  Keep eyeballing the midpoint between two markings until you end up with the desired spacing for your hooks.
  3. Once you’ve marked off where you’d like to place your hooks, it’s time to start drilling.  Since the cup hooks twist into place, I used a drill bit that was slightly smaller than the width of my hooks.  (You could probably get away with not drilling the holes, but I find this the easiest way to get the hooks in straight.)
  4. Once all holes have been drilled, lightly sand off any rough edges with your emery board.  (You can also use sand paper, but I found that using an old emery board gave me the control that I needed and I didn’t have to worry about wearing off the carved design.)
  5. Paint or stain the wood according to the product directions, then allow to dry completely.
  6. Once your wood is completely dry (lol), it’s time to add your hooks.  Twist each cup hook into each drilled hole.  And…YOU’RE DONE!
Pro Tip:  If you have cats, place anything you plan on hanging on these onto a few of the hooks BEFORE you drill any holes into your wall to make sure any pretty, shiny, dangly objects are out of reach.

To hang, start by drilling small holes into your decorative moulding where you would like your wall screws to go.  Use this as a guide to mark off where on the wall your screws will go.  If you plan to anchor your hooks for extra support, put the anchors into the wall.  Then, drill the screws in for real.  (If you’re easily frustrated or have never done this before, definitely check out some YouTube videos before you attempt this and/or have a friend or family member help you.)


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