Fall Hiking on the North Country Trail


It was nearly 11:00 A.M. on the second day of our camping trip when Megan and I pulled into the muddy parking lot for French Farm Lake to begin our 10 mile hiking adventure along the North Country Trail.

I use the term “parking lot” loosely.

After getting out of the car and getting our packs and trekking poles situated, we had no problem spotting the blue blazes painted upon the trunks of old trees that indicated we were on the North Country Trail.

The trees at French Farm Lake were at peak foliage for fall, sporting vibrant shades of yellow, orange, and red.

In this area, the North Country Trail loosely follows French Farm Lake Road through a designated camping area, meandering into the woods every so often to climb a hill or look over the lake.

After a couple mile stretch of mostly flat land, the trail made its way over a series of rolling hills for about a mile or so before leveling back out.

There were some interesting little finds along the way.  I mean, it’s not too often that a girl from the city finds a random moose antler nailed to a tree.

We hiked through the forest over soggy wooden planks until eventually we reached the Carp River.

We hiked on until we were 5 miles and some change from where we parked our car, then decided to turn around and hike back.

Eventually we started to get hungry.

We decided that when we got back to the lake, we would find a pretty spot off the trail and stop for a snack break.

When I’m hiking, I am AWFUL at remembering to eat until I’m super hangry, so luckily for Megan, I had the foresight to pack the most appealing “lunch” possible: fruit snacks and chips.

We sat upon a tiny beach talking, eating, soaking up the sunshine, and admiring our gorgeous surroundings.

After a while, shade started to creep into our spot, so we decided to pack up and hike the final couple of miles back to the car.

When we finally made it to the parking lot, the skies had cleared up even more, allowing the afternoon sunlight to bathe all of the fall frees in golden light.

I took a few moments to stretch my sore, tired feet before getting back into the car.

Pro Tip:  If you decide to take up hiking or running, take the time to stretch your feet before and after every hike.  You’ll thank yourself.  Trust me.

After finishing up the trail, we made a quick pit stop at the Cecil Bay Trading Post to pick up some patches before heading back to camp to settle in for the night.


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