Five Things to Make in October


As much as I have always loved spending long, relaxing days at the pool or beach, long hours of daylight, and and being able to read a book outside without freezing my butt off, there is just something magical about the fall.  Warm flannels, cider and donuts, colorful leaves, and great running and camping weather are some of my favorite things about the season…but also…HALLOWEEN!

From cold apples to hot soup to macabre creations for your next Halloween party, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite fall-inspired DIYs for you to try this fall season.

Dessert Nachos

Take a healthy snack and make it not-so-healthy by adding caramel and chocolate hazelnut spread in this quick, easy, recipe.

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Skeleton Monster

Creep out your neighbors with this life size porch or lawn decoration created primarily with items found at your local hardware store.

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Haunted Halloween Scarecrow

Inspired by the classic 90s TV show Are You Afraid of the Dark?, this DIY porch or lawn decoration is sure to impress (or weird out) your friends.

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Graveyard Dirt Cake

You might be digging your grave with a fork and spoon if you eat like this all the time, but graveyard dirt cake is a quick, easy, inexpensive, and delicious treat for your next Halloween party!

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Poltergeist Soup

Inspired by the pool scene in the movie Poltergeist, this twist on a classic french onion soup is perfect for chilly fall weather.

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So, there you have it!  Five things to DIY this Halloween season.

Happy Autumn! 



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