Halloween Dirt Cake


I’ve posted before about how much I like making dirt cake for parties, and Halloween is most definitely no exception.

IMG_3152 2

This year for Halloween, my DBF and I hosted a Halloween party at my house.  Since we’re both big fans of Halloween, I really wanted to serve something at our party that was quick and relatively inexpensive to make, but also carried out the theme of the event.

This particular dessert took less than 10 minutes to make and was a big hit with all of our guests. 

The skeletons were purchased at my local dollar store.  They were actually strung together to make a garland, but my cat stole one of the skeletons off of it to play with, so I just removed the other three and used them for cake decorations.

To make my dirt cake, I used this recipe.  I actually realized at the very last minute that I was out of vanilla extract, so I ended up pouring root beer float flavored vodka into the pudding mixture instead.  Oddly enough, it was a pretty good substitute.  Also, I’m kind of lazy, so instead of mixing everything up in separate bowls, I ground up all the Oreos in my food processor and used half of them to make the first layer of “dirt”.  I arranged some gummy worms on top of that.  Then I threw all the other ingredients into my Kitchen Aid mixer at once, mixed it up for a bit, and poured it on top.  After that, I arranged the skeletons, then added the remaining “dirt” on top of them, so that they would appear to be buried in it.

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