Introducing Our Shop of (Mostly) Horrible Things


After years of Luke and I sitting around and saying, “You know what I wish I could find on a T-Shirt?” we are excited to announce that we have finally made those dreams a reality.

If you’re a horrible person, incredibly immature, just want to be left alone, or are in the market to spend money on things that you absolutely don’t need, check out our online shop at

We’ve designed a lot of products for people who appreciate sarcasm, brutal honesty, tasteless jokes, getting people to stop bugging you, and more.

The only thing better than a hot cup of coffee or tea is the sound of nobody talking to you while you drink it, amirite?  Get your GO AWAY mug here.

The most honest pair of pants you’ll ever wear. Find ’em here.

Not everything available in our shop is for horrible people, but if you are one, chances are good that you’ll appreciate some of the things we have to offer.

The perfect place to write down your to-do lists and then continue to put them off.  Get one here.



Embrace your inner cat lady. Get your baseball tee here.

Just a heads up though, some of the clothing sizes do run a bit small (especially womens’ sizes), so definitely check the size charts before you place an order!

We’ll have more designs available at a later date, so definitely keep checking back periodically for new additions.

If there’s anything you would like to see in our shop for the future, leave us a comment below and we’ll think about it. 

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