Our First Christmas


This year we celebrated our first Christmas together as a married couple.

(That’s Hazel sitting on the chair.  We somehow didn’t manage to get any Christmas photos of us together this year, but this one seemed fitting.)

Since Luke and I are both avid Halloween fans, our friends Erin and Rob decided to surprise us with a black Christmas tree and some black and orange ornaments, so we could actually decorate our house for Halloween and Christmas at the same time.  (Genius!)

In addition to the ornaments, we decked out our tree with purple string lights, skeleton garlands, and a few random glitter eyeballs and spiders that I was hoarding in the basement for who-knows-why.

We didn’t have a “normal” tree topper like an angel or a star, but since our tree was a bit unconventional anyway, we decided to go all out and top it with a fake bird I was also hoarding from back when I decided to go as Tippi Hedren from Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” for Halloween.  It worked perfectly!


Side Note:  That was definitely one of my favorite Halloween costumes I’ve ever worn, as well as my first ever attempt at theatrical makeup.

Shortly after putting up the tree, Max, our resident troublemaker, got ahold of it.  We’re not sure how many ornaments he stole this year, but let’s just say it was more than a few.

Just a few days before Christmas we welcomed our new Great Pyrenees puppy into our home.  (If you’re curious, you can read more about him here.)

As you can see, life is rough for him.

We got to have dinner at my family’s annual Sing-a-Long Christmas party again this year, which is always a fun time.  Don’t worry though, I did everyone a favor and did not do any of the singing.

After braving a snowstorm, we spent Christmas Eve with my side of the family noshing on delicious food at Benihana.  Everyone ate too much and I’m pretty sure still had zero regrets.

We spent Christmas Day having a home cooked dinner with Luke’s side of the family.  They were nice enough to let us bring Patronus along so he could make some new dog and people friends and not be trapped alone at home all day.  He seemed to enjoy it.

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