Our Wedding: Getting Ready


The morning before the wedding I met up with Erin, Megan, Ashlyn, Jen, and Luke’s mom to get our nails done, hang out, and hear funny stories about all the goofy things Luke did when he was little.  I was stressing out like crazy the week before our wedding, so it was nice to sit back with fruit, mimosas, and a pumpkin spice latte (thanks, Jen!) and relax.

We all opted for different nail designs.  I know that when it’s your wedding you’re supposed to choose a really bland pink color, but I really, really, REALLY wanted these dark red and gold art deco nails, so that’s what i did.

I was totally planning on working out afterword, but instead I decided to enjoy salad and fries from our local brewery with Ashlyn and Erin while everyone else was running around getting stuff done.

I’m usually really stressed and hectic when I’m getting ready for big events (hello prom, homecoming, dance recitals, and synchronized swim shows!) but the morning of our wedding I was actually really calm and happy.  As far as bridesmaids go, Erin is one of the most organized and structured people that I know, Megan thinks of everything, and Ashlyn and Amanda are both great at creating a diversion when the need arises, so I knew that I was in good hands.

Everyone dressed in coordinating flannel shirts and yoga pants because , “basic” or not, it’s the most comfortable fall outfit you can find!

I had been working on planning out hair and makeup looks with  @dvine_hairdesign  and @makeupbychelslm for a few months in advance, so I was confident that we were going to roll out of the salon looking fantastic.  I wanted to go for an “Old Hollywood Glamour” type of look for our wedding because I knew that it would be 100% fitting to my personality and the overall look of our wedding, plus I didn’t think I would look back on it in a few years and feel disgusted about how dated my look was.

To get the right look on my hair, we actually ended up doing an old school granny-style roller set.

We sat around the salon all morning with my mom, Luke’s mom, and Jen snacking on fruit and bagels and downing tons of coffee and water.

Mary, Rena, and Chelsea at DVine Hair Design all delivered and had us out the door on time!

After the salon, we headed back to my house to get ready and meet up with the photographer.

My hairpiece was from oromsdream on Etsy and I loved it!

Erin and Megan had mad skills at lacing up my corset dress.


Once all of us were mostly ready we headed out so that we could hopefully beat the guys (and our guests!) to the building.  Luckily, we did and had time to spare for a few finishing touches.

After we got to the venue I realized that I totally forgot to put on deodorant!  Luckily Megan had me covered!

(Thank you Jen for this priceless photo!)

Meanwhile, Luke and the guys got ready downstairs.

Before either of us knew it, it was time for the ceremony!

Thanks for reading!

This is not a sponsored post, however we had some pretty excellent vendors and would love to give them a solid recommendation to anyone who might be planning an event.

Photos:  Alice Heart Photography.  Hair & Makeup: DVine Hair Design.  Nails:  Studio 3152.  Venue: TV’s Grand Event.  Flowers:  DIY (check out my tutorial here.)  Dress Alterations:  Enrica’s Golden Needle.

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