Our Wedding: The Portraits


The second we stepped outside for portraits on our wedding day, it began to thunderstorm.  It wasn’t just regular rain either, it was downpouring!

Luckily, the gloomy weather actually worked in our favor and we were able to get some really nice outdoor photos on the building’s covered porches.

Since the early November air was a bit crisp that day, I chose to wear a vintage fur stole that my parents bought me for my birthday a few years ago over my dress.  It worked out perfectly!


My necklace and bracelet were also vintage (I know big shock, right?).  My earrings were actually a gift from Erin.  I wore them for her wedding the previous week and I loved them so much (and so did Luke) that I chose to wear them again for our own wedding.



Eventually the rain let up for long enough that we were able to head on over to the park to get a few of the photos we were hoping for.

To keep with the vintage style aesthetic, the girls all wore black and gold sequin sweetheart top gowns that had decorative fabric draping down in the back.  I was really excited that we were able to find one dress that fit the overall look while still flattering each girl’s body type.  I wasn’t expecting that to happen, so maybe we got lucky!  The guys wore black and gold tuxes.

Since the forecast looked like it would be cold and rainy, the girls ordered matching black shawls to keep warm and Megan picked up some black umbrellas.  We figured that even if the weather turned out less than ideal, we might as well just go with it!  Zero regrets there.

Once everyone started getting cold, it was time to head back to TV’s for family photos and our big entrance as husband and wife!

This photo I took with Ashlyn means a lot to me because we re-created a photo I took with Jen when I was in her wedding.

Thanks for reading!

This is not a sponsored post, however we had some pretty excellent vendors and would love to give them a solid recommendation to anyone who might be planning an event.

Photos:  Alice Heart Photography.  Hair & Makeup: DVine Hair Design.  Venue: TV’s Grand Event.  Flowers:  DIY (check out my tutorial here.)  Dress Alterations:  Enrica’s Golden Needle.

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