Our Wedding: Getting Ready

The morning before the wedding I met up with Erin, Megan, Ashlyn, Jen, and Luke’s mom to get our nails done, hang out, and hear funny stories about all the goofy things Luke did when he was little.  I was stressing out like crazy the week before our wedding, so it was nice to sit back with fruit, mimosas, and a pumpkin spice latte (thanks, Jen!) and relax.

We all opted for different nail designs.  I know that when it’s your wedding you’re supposed to choose a really bland pink color, but I really, really, REALLY wanted these dark red and gold art deco nails, so that’s what i did. Continue reading “Our Wedding: Getting Ready”

DIY Bouquets & Boutonnières

How I Made My Own Wedding Flowers

I knew pretty early on into our wedding planning that I wanted to make my own bouquet.  After hearing how much people typically spend on wedding flowers, plus hearing all kinds of horror stories on wedding planning forums about things going wrong with florists and fresh flowers either wilting or falling apart, it seemed like a no brainer.  Plus, I'm relatively crafty and pretty particular about how I want something done when it's a project that I really care about.

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