Snowpocalypse 2018


Last weekend we got nailed with a snowstorm that brought over 9 inches of snow.

What did Matt and I decide to do that day?  Take our dogs on an adventure, of course!

Spring running training is in full swing for me, but since we’ve had so much ice this year, most of my workouts have been indoors.  It’s nice not having to worry about the elements during runs, but at the same time, I’m the kind of person who gets bored easily on the “dreadmill”.

I managed to catch a sale on classes at a local yoga studio earlier in the season and have been taking some classes there lately, which has been a nice break from the monotony of the gym, plus a great way to stretch everything out after a long run.  They practice hot yoga and use salt lamps and pillar candles to help illuminate the studio when it’s dark out, which I find pretty relaxing.

Since Patronus looooooooooooves the cold and snow, I’ve also been making it a point to take him for lots of winter walks as well as taking him to explore trails and parks on some of my non-running days.

Luke and Amanda were working on the day of the giant snowstorm, but Matt had a snow day and I finished work early and didn’t have a run planned for that day, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity for an adventure!

We decided not to venture out too far since the roads were kind of bad, so we opted to take them to a pretty park that also has some side trails.

Since Patronus had his backpack, I think he knew we were headed somewhere fun.

Most of the roads in the park were pretty well plowed, but the dogs wanted to check out the ducks from the bridge and explore the snowy wooded trails.   We all decided to go for it!

The snow on the path to the bridge wasn’t too bad, but once we ventured out onto the trail it started to become pretty deep.  Eventually, it got up to about mid-calf to knee height.  It felt more like a slow trudge than a walk or a hike, but the scenery was so pretty!

Naturally, the only picture he’s making a dumb face in is the one with me in it.

You know that thing they say about how there are so many terrible outtakes before you actually get a good photo?  This next picture is the perfect example of that.

Say cheese!

The fresh blanket of snow over everything was so pretty, but boy, was getting through it a workout!  (You’ll notice that I was too tired to whip out the camera to take many photos during our actual hiking part, haha.)  Luckily, the trails in the park are pretty short and not really used by people much in the winter time, so we didn’t have to do that for too long.  Matt and I decided that we should probably invest in some snowshoes for future winter adventures so we can take the dogs onto some bigger and better trails.

Me and Patronus had our backpacks and were able to carry water for everyone, which was amazing after working up a sweat.

By the time we got back to the truck, Matt had a major ice beard going on.

Patronus used Matt’s armrest as a pillow and napped the entire way back home.


After we got back, Patronus’ batteries were somehow fully restored and he raced Fezzik around the backyard a few times before the two of us went back home and called it a night.

Anyone ever try snowshoeing with a dog?

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