Spring Marathon/Allergy Season is Here!


With the Boston Marathon right around the corner, spring marathons are on the brain for so many runners.  For any runners out there who struggle with allergies and asthma during the spring months, spring training can be a gamble.  Few things are more frustrating than spending 12+ weeks training consistently for a marathon or half marathon, perfecting your fueling strategy, and selecting the perfect outfit only to bonk in the race anyway just because the air quality was bad that day.

Get your “Asthma is Sexy” shirt here.

Introducing the latest design in Kristy and Luke’s Shop of Mostly Horrible Things, the “Asthma is Sexy” collection.  Make light of all those awkward walk breaks, failed races, and workouts spent sitting on the sidelines with your inhaler.  Stop feeling like an awkward dork and just own it already!

Asthma buddies, I salute you.


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