Summer Adventures with Patronus and Bruce


After a couple weeks straight of hot, muggy weather which was definitely nowhere near ideal for going on fun adventures with a dog, Patronus and I were both eager to get back outside and do something fun.  We finally had a weekend with beautiful weather, so we decided to take advantage of it by inviting our friends Erin and Bruce out for a day of hiking and lake swimming!

After navigating our way through crowds of people who also thought it was a great idea to spend the day outside, we met up with Erin and Bruce at the nearest parking lot to the trail head that wasn’t completely full.  Luckily, most of the people where there to hang out at the public swimming beach or to mountain bike through the forest, so we had the hiking trail mostly to ourselves.

After a short hike through some woods and a field, we finally made it to the dog beach and decided to give our pups a chance to cool off in the lake.

Since most of his real “water experience” has consisted of wading in shallow lake water, diving for toys and treats in his kiddie pool, and trying to get me or Luke to squirt him with the hose, this was Patronus’ first time having a real chance to go swimming, and I must say, he did awesome!

He was pretty pumped to get into the lake and finally had a chance to try swimming in some deeper water, but his favorite thing to do was to relax and occasionally splash around in the shallow end while Bruce basically otter swam circles around him.

PATRONUS: What a nice, relaxing day at the beach. BRUCE: Hey watch me do a handstand! Look I can do a flip! I’ll race you to the middle! Splashed ya!

While we were swimming, a random floatie from some people a few yards down the beach drifted over.  Patronus thought it looked pretty suspicious, so he had to get out of the lake to bark and investigate.  Nothing was going to get me or his friends on his watch!

After a quick snack break, we decided to hit the trail again so we could explore the nice, cool, shaded woods.  After tackling a couple hills and making our way through the forest, we arrived at an observation deck that we somehow had all to ourselves.

Awkward camera timer photo that Patronus refused to pose for.

We decided to stop for another break before hiking the last section of woods that ran along the lake and back to our cars.  We each enjoyed some water and some snacks while watching the hot air balloons from across the lake.

It was after 8:00 P.M. by the time we made it back to our cars.  The four of us sat down in the shade so Patronus and Bruce could cool off, enjoy the last of the water and some treats, and play for a bit before it was time to say goodnight and head home to another week of being responsible and productive.

Since Patronus and I drank the entire contents of my 3L hydration pack over the course of the day, we stopped for some more water and to pick up some dinner on our way home.  Just to make him happy, I also blasted the air conditioning for him.


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