Summer Camping + Hiking with Patronus


It was hot and sunny on the afternoon when Luke, Patronus, and I loaded up our car and headed out for a weekend of low key camping.

There was still at least an hour of daylight left when we finally reached the campground.  I decided to set up our tent, inflate our air mattresses, and unroll our sleeping bags while Luke headed out to get firewood and Patronus kept watch over our campsite.

Our campsite was perfect because it was set further back away from the road and wasn’t bordering anybody else’s campsite.

Patronus napped while Luke and I built a fire and cooked our dinner.  Luke had sausages while I had ramen noodles and Doritos, the dinner of champions.  Unfortunately, the mosquitoes were also ravenous.  We practically got eaten alive!

Once everyone was fed and sleepy enough, we sought refuge from the bugs in the safety of our tent.

The next morning we spent some time relaxing around our campfire before heading out on a short day hike.

We decided to check out the hiking and mountain biking trail that intersected the entrance road to our campground.

In its entirety, the trail distance was a little over twelve miles.  To make things more fun for Luke and Patronus, especially in the hot June weather, we decided to only hike a section of the trail.

Since it was going to be a pretty easy hike, it was also a good opportunity to test out my new hiking pack and trail running shoes.

The trail took us to a small foot bridge over a stream before winding its way further into the woods.

The section of trail we hiked on was mostly flat, with lots of shade and minimal exposed roots and rocks, making it a perfect easy hike for a summer day.

I’m not sure why one section of the trail was labeled “Tornado Alley”, but we decided to take a picture with it anyway.

One of Patronus’ favorite things to do on a hike is to drink from my hydration bladder.  He’s a big, fluffy dog, so making sure he stays hydrated on our hikes is crucial.

There weren’t many interesting overlook points along the trail, but it did serve as a nice little escape in a peaceful section of woods.

Eventually we completed the loop and found ourselves back at the bridge.

When we arrived back at camp, Patronus got a quick tick check before we built another fire and got ready to settle in for the night.

Luke enjoyed sausage and Doritos for dinner while I had a foil packet I prepared the night before we left, and Patronus had dog food and treats.  For dessert, we made s’mores.

Unfortunately, one thing I realized after dinner was that I forgot to pack Patronus’ brush.  Uh oh!

We pretty much spent the rest of the night hanging out beside the fire, playing games, and getting chewed up by mosquitoes.

We decided to take a quick walk around the campground after breaking camp the following morning.  Most of the other campers had already left, so we practically had the entire campground to ourselves.

All in all, it was a perfect, relaxing weekend of camping.  It was also the first camping trip I’ve ever been on in which the weather was beautiful the entire time!

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