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I’m Kristy, a Michigan-based graphic designer, photographer, and the blogger behind Kristy & Luke.  In case you couldn’t tell, I’m also a weekend adventurer and really into DIY projects as well.

The random guy you see around here every now and then is my husband, Luke.

Together we’re two nerds with an affinity for Halloween, dogs, books, and the great outdoors.

Kristy & Luke is a lifestyle blog dedicated to exploring our home state of Michigan (and beyond), DIY projects, and navigating this thing they call married life alongside our lovable dog and cat companions.

Naga and Patronus, our two Great Pyrenees.

Because we love bringing Patronus and Naga along on most of our outings, much of the content you’ll find here is focused on “dog friendly” places and activities.

I strongly believe in the importance of educating others on the importance of responsible backcountry practices.  As I learn and grow as a hiker and backpacker, my goal is to share everything I learn with you.

Thank you for reading and following along! 

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